Support Astronomy students on Husky Giving Day 2024

Your contribution on Husky Giving Day is a catalyst for a student-centered initiative led by DiRAC and the Department of Astronomy! Make a gift today!

The “Summer Research Prize” program bridges the gap between enthusiastic undergraduate students and dedicated faculty researchers. This collaboration cultivates innovation, allowing them to work together on cutting-edge projects that span the vast and fascinating field of astronomy.

Programs like this accelerate and deepen student research engagement, particularly for those from non-traditional pathways. Your support makes our outreach, education, and fundamental research possible. Thank you for playing a crucial role in our journey!

We are excited to sustain and expand this program, and it’s your continued support that fuels its success.

Katelyn Ebert (Advisor: Prof. Matt McQuinn): Precision Measurement of the Hubble Constant with Fast Radio Bursts

“The Summer Research Prize was pivotal in facilitating my student’s research over the summer, which laid the foundation for an innovative space telescope concept now supported by NASA for further exploration.”

Prof. Matthew J McQuinn, Advisor 2023
Benjamin Herrera, Bowang Lan, John Delker, Celeste Hagee, Katelyn Ebert, and Andy Tzanidakis 

“The Husky Giving Day is momentous for our UW Astronomy community as it provides the means for us to make profound discoveries about our universe at the DiRAC institute”

Andy Tzanidakis, Mentor 2023

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