Big Data Analytics in Astronomy

From fundamental research on the most energetic events in the universe to the search for asteroids that may one day impact the Earth, the science of the next decade will be driven by data. Our ability to make scientific breakthroughs will…


DIRAC brings together researchers from Astrophysics, Computer Science & Engineering, Statistics, and other key disciplines to develop algorithms and infrastructure to process, analyze, and understand the science and questions arising from major astronomical imaging telescopes (e.g. LSST, MWA, SKA, Advanced…


DIRAC is creating an environment where scientists can harness interdisciplinary expertise to solve some of the most difficult questions facing Astronomy today. It  provides an interaction space between Astrophysics, Computer Science, Statistics, and other disciplines. It is a place where ideas…

Talks & News

Astronomers document the rise and fall of a rarely observed stellar dance

A team led by Dr. James Davenport, analyzed more than 125 years of observations of HS Hydra, and showed how this system has changed dramatically over the course of just a few generations.

2020-12-14 Seminar: Angus Wright

When: Monday, December 14th, 2020  Where:  Optimising Direct Redshift Calibration for Tomographic Cosmic Shear Comparisons between cosmological parameters from tomographic cosmic shear measurements and the cosmic microwave background reveal some tension between the amount and clustering strength of (predominantly dark)…

2020-11-9 Seminar: Federica Bianco

DiRAC is pleased to welcome Federica Bianco to the department (virtually) to give a DiRAC Seminar on Monday Nov 9 at 10am PST.  DiRAC Seminars are appropriate for students and researchers at all levels who are interested in astronomy and/or data science,…

Letter From the Director

Welcome to the DiRAC Institute newsletter, and to the new academic year! Allow me to begin by introducing myself: I’m Mario Juric, Associate Professor of Astronomy at UW and the new Director of DiRAC. My interests span science and technology:…

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DiRAC & Astronomy on Tap Seattle Present: ASTRONOMY AT HOME

Next, February 11, 2021 at 7:00pm! Streaming from DIRAC YouTube channel

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List of publications

ADS link features recently published papers by DIRAC researchers.

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