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DiRAC is creating an environment where scientists can harness interdisciplinary expertise to solve some of the most difficult questions facing Astronomy today. It provides an interaction space between Astrophysics, Computer Science, Statistics, and other disciplines. It is a place where ideas across many disciplines come together and mature; a laboratory for devising new ways of extracting knowledge from complex systems by bridging disciplines and developing a fundamentally new way of science through computation.

Open Positions

If you work in software engineering and are interested in how to test whether Einstein was right about gravity, or if we can detect asteroids before they impact the Earth, or even in the “simple” questions such as how do stars die there is a new initiative in astronomy at UW that might be of interest. LINCC Frameworks is working on designing and building novel, scalable software frameworks to enable cutting edge science with the Rubin Observatory. These tools will not just answer questions about how the universe formed and evolved, they will also tackle open computer science problems that push the limits of analysis to the largest astronomical data set. If this sounds interesting, we are hiring software engineers at UW at a range of experience levels (including senior and principal) through the Schmidt Futures supported program LINCC Frameworks

We are seeking astronomers with an interest in analysis software development for LSST, especially in the areas of solar system science, photometric redshifts, and light curve analysis, to take on roles as leaders or participants in developing the LINCC frameworks and working with the broader community on integration of tools and early science analyses. 

Closed Positions

Graduate Students

DiRAC Faculty mentor a number of students at UW astronomy and physics departments. If you’re interested in graduate work in DiRAC, consider applying to become a graduate student at UW.

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Undergraduate Students

We are pleased to officially announce our new Summer Research Prize for UW undergrads!

This program will award $3500 to UW undergrads working on summer projects w/ researchers in the DiRAC Institute (note: we especially welcome projects w/ collaborative mentors across the department!). 

Thanks to the generous support from the community during Husky Giving Day, we expect to award 4 or 5 of these prizes this summer. The application form is simple, and can be turned in to me via email. Selections will be made before the end of Spring Quarter. Prize winners will give a brief seminar at the end of the Summer or early Fall to showcase their projects, which the entire department will be invited to.

Apply here.