Student Research Prize Program Successfully Completed

Thanks to the generous support of the DiRAC Advisory Board, and the local UW Astronomy community, the Student Research Prize Program was successfully wrapped up for 2023 this August!

Now in its second year, this prize supports undergraduate research in astronomy at the University of Washington, providing students a stipend to focus on their independent research projects under the supervision of UW faculty and scientists. Previous winners of this prize have presented at local and national research conferences, contributed to peer-reviewed publications, and continued on to graduate school. Our summer program has also been featured in the UW College of Arts and Sciences’ Newsletter.

David Brooks (left) and the 2023 Summer Prize recipients.

This year we are excited to award 5 summer prizes, including students across a wide range of astronomy and astrophysics research topics:

Thank you to the generous community that supports truly excellent student research at the University of Washington, especially our principle donors David Brooks and Jeff Glickman. You are helping the next generation of scholars to build the most advanced datasets, algorithms, and tools to explore and understand the universe!