Husky Giving Day 2023 was a success!

From James Davenport, Associate Director of DiRAC and Astronomy Research Professor

On April 6, 2023, DiRAC and UW Astronomy participated in the annual Husky Giving Day event. Last year we were able to launch or successful Summer Research Prize program for undergraduates, which was recently profiled by the UW College of Arts and Sciences Newsletter. This year we are aiming to continue the summer undergraduate prize, as well as kick off a new graduate student support program!

I am proud to announce another successful drive for support of our student research programs, with more than 20 individual donors raising a total of over $15,000! I want to especially recognize the contributions of members of the DiRAC Advisory Board, particularly David Brooks and Jeff Glickman, who have once again been instrumental at supporting this program. We look forward to awarding these 2023 summer research prizes, and I can’t wait to see what amazing research our students pursue.

This kind of community-driven support is critical for the programs at DiRAC and UW Astronomy. We have one of the largest undergraduate astronomy programs in the nation, and a world-class cohort of graduate students. If you would like to support the work of these amazing young scientists at any level, please consider making a gift!

Keep looking up, and THANK YOU all for helping us in our mission to explore and understand the universe.

-James Davenport