Curt Blake

Senior executive with more than 25 years of experience leading organizations in high-growth industries, and 10+ years at the forefront of the newspace revolution. Extensive expertise in strategic planning, financial analysis, legal strategy, M&A, and space commercialization. Deep knowledge about the unique challenges of newspace growth and the roadmap to success in the newspace ecosystem. Demonstrated ability to negotiate complex transactions between multiple parties, and between both government and commercial parties. Developed and grew the commercial rideshare model for smallsats, and led the Spaceflight team to launch more than 465 satellites on 17 different launches across 10 different launch vehicles.

Robert Hart

Robert Hart, Ph.D., recently retired as DIrector of the Institute for Disease Modeling, a unit of the Global Health Division of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

IDM utilizes advanced mathematical modeling and statistical and large data analysis to help devise policy and programs to advance the efforts of Bill Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CDC, WHO and multiple ministries of health around the globe to control and eradicate infectious disease in the developing world.  Dr. Hart received his BS degree in Geophysics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MS and PhD degrees in Geophysics from the California Institute of Technology.  He has founded and managed multiple software companies as an entrepreneur and as a venture capitalist, spanning the fields of nuclear test detection, oil and mineral exploration, image analysis and machine vision, wireless telecom technologies, ultrasound, and early disease detection among others.

He is an avid amateur astronomer and spends much of his spare time traveling, scuba diving and indulging in underwater photography around the world with his marine biologist wife and, whenever possible, with his three sons and their wives.

Ron Marquardt

As Vice President of Advanced Technologies & Innovation for T-Mobile, Dr. Marquardt is responsible for the exploration of new and enabling technologies, partnerships with business leaders in new categories of products and services, and the related industry relationships and investments enabling T-Mobile’s innovation and ecosystem development goals.  He also represents T-Mobile at speaking engagements, in press and analyst interviews, and as needed with regulatory bodies and other industry stakeholders.  Previously, he held a similar role at Sprint before the companies merged.

Prior to Sprint, Dr. Marquardt was VP of Technology Development at Clearwire Corporation, responsible for that company’s technology strategy as well as the architecture, design, testing, and implementation of its mobile broadband 4G network, devices, and services.  He also was CTO at Covad Communications where he led teams responsible for the engineering and network planning of VoIP, wireless, and broadband services across the United States. Prior to that role, he was in various positions at network equipment manufacturers. 

Dr. Marquardt has an S.B. in Physics from MIT, an M.S. and Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Caltech, and is an alumnus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Jeff Glickman

Holds foundational patents for Machine Learning; Developed world’s first Artificial Superintelligence which understands how and why the financial markets operate and function.

Mr. Jeff Glickman is a computer scientist trained at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is trained in both software and hardware engineering. While there he participated in, and directed, projects in artificial and machine intelligence, pattern recognition, image processing, and stochastic computation. Mr. Glickman studied under Dr. Wolfgang Johannes Poppelbaum who performed his post doctorate studies under Dr. John Bardeen, the two-time Nobel Prize winner in Physics. While at the University of Illinois, Mr. Glickman was a Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Research Associate, Assistant Director of the Information Engineering Laboratory, and Assistant Director of the Computer Research Laboratory. Since 1982 Mr. Glickman has managed and delivered advanced technology and services, for The Department of Defense, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, NASA, InFocus Corporation, The TC and others.

Chris Wenneman

Software, science, product, and business executive leader with 25+ years of industry experience. I invent and ship big ideas by creating and articulating a vision that inspires my organization and leverage senior leaders across multiple disciplines to make that vision a reality for customers. I have hired and led world-class, large-scale, global organizations spanning the Americas, Europe, India, and China which include Software Engineering, QA, Dev Ops, Data Science, Machine Learning, UX Design, Product Management, and Business Development.

My passions include large-scale distributed systems, mobile development, artificial intelligence, customer-driven product definition, and shipping high-quality products and services to customers worldwide.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is CEO of Strategic News Service (SNS) and publisher of the weekly SNS Global Report on technology and the global economy (, read by Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Vint Cerf, Michael Dell, Paul Allen, Craig Venter, Jeff Bezos, Bill Janeway, Paul Jacobs, Leroy Hood, and technology executives and investors worldwide. He is CEO of SNS Conference Corp. and chairman of the Future in Review (FiRe) conference ( – now in its 14th year – which the Economist has named “the best technology conference in the world.”Mark’s work includes the creation of INVNT/IP (Inventing Nations vs. Nation-sponsored Theft of IP,, a global consortium of corporations and government agencies; SNS Project Inkwell (, the first global consortium to bring vendors, educators, and students together to accelerate the deployment of appropriate technology into K-12 schools; SNS Interactive News (, using patented processes to bring daily interactive communications “About Leaders, For Leaders” worldwide; a new Global Rescue System (GRS) for victims of human trafficking, in concert with Julia Ormond’s ASSET program; Orca Relief Citizens’ Alliance (ORCA:, the sole nonprofit organization working to reduce killer whale mortality rates; and Nutritional Microanalysis, a new field of medical research and practice aimed at connecting biochemical descriptions of food with health. The subscription-based SNS FiReFilms initiative ( was created in 2009 to identify, support, and promote potentially world-changing documentary films in which technology improves the human condition. SNS FiReBooks publishes books on how technology drives the global economy. 

Theodore A. Wagner

Theodore A. Wagner, M.D. is a clinical professor of orthopedics and sports medicine, specializing in spine surgery. Dr. Wagner is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine in Seattle.

Dr. Wagner earned a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College in Connecticut and his medical degree from Temple Medical School in Philadelphia. After an internship in surgery in Montreal, he came to the UW for a residency in orthopedic surgery. He is board certified in orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Wagner’s clinical interests include biological spine disk regeneration, scoliosis, spine traumas and spine degeneration.

Dr. Wagner believes spinal surgery is a very definitive type of surgery with somewhat predictive complications of occurrences. He believes in teaching his patients what he knows and what he doesn’t know about their future before he does the index surgery.

Jennifer Gehrt

Jennifer leads account activities for several clients and manages operations and business development for Communiqué PR. She is the co-author of Strategic Public Relations: 10 Principles to Harness the Power of PR.