Jeff Glickman

Advisory Board


Holds foundational patents for Machine Learning; Developed world’s first Artificial Superintelligence which understands how and why the financial markets operate and function.

Mr. Jeff Glickman is a computer scientist trained at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is trained in both software and hardware engineering. While there he participated in, and directed, projects in artificial and machine intelligence, pattern recognition, image processing, and stochastic computation. Mr. Glickman studied under Dr. Wolfgang Johannes Poppelbaum who performed his post doctorate studies under Dr. John Bardeen, the two-time Nobel Prize winner in Physics. While at the University of Illinois, Mr. Glickman was a Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Research Associate, Assistant Director of the Information Engineering Laboratory, and Assistant Director of the Computer Research Laboratory. Since 1982 Mr. Glickman has managed and delivered advanced technology and services, for The Department of Defense, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, NASA, InFocus Corporation, The TC and others.