Summer Student Research Prize

Since 2022, DiRAC and the UW Astronomy Department has awarded prizes for undergraduate summer research. These prizes are intended to spark exciting new research programs, or push ongoing projects towards completion, and to help students work directly alongside their mentors at UW.

We’re very proud that this program has been made possible through the generous donations of our Seattle community, our faculty, and friends of the department. Your support is helping the next generation of scholars to build the most advanced datasets, algorithms, and tools to explore and understand the Universe!




  • Arif Chu (Advisor: Nima Sedaghat) Exploring Data Preparation and Machine Learning approaches for LSST data
  • Ishan Coutinho (Advisors: Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein, Emily Levesque) Photometric Classification of Evolved Massive Stars: High-Resolution Spectroscopic Validation
  • Josue Torres (Advisor: James Davenport): Documenting and Testing of PyKOSMOS

This kind of community-driven support is critical for the programs at DiRAC and UW Astronomy. We have one of the largest undergraduate astronomy programs in the nation, and a world-class cohort of graduate students. If you would like to support the work of these amazing young scientists at any level, please consider making a gift!