Sarah Greenstreet


Research Scientist

Research Interests

Solar System


Sarah Greenstreet is a research scientist in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Washington and a senior researcher with the B612 Asteroid Institute. She is the Lead for the Rubin Observatory Solar System Science Collaboration Near-Earth Objects and Interstellar Objects Working Group. Her research interests broadly include orbital dynamics and impacts of small bodies in the Solar System. This includes studying main-belt asteroid resonances, resonant mechanisms that push asteroids onto retrograde (backwards around the Sun) orbits, asteroids orbiting the Sun closer than the Earth (Atiras and Vatiras), co-orbital Solar System objects, impact and crater formation rates, near-Earth object population modeling, and Earth impact probabilities and hazard mitigation. She has also used observations for near-Earth object follow-up and characterization as well as confirming that predicted asteroids undergo the Yarkovsky effect. She received her PhD in 2015 from the University of British Columbia.