Anastasios (Andy) Tzanidakis

Graduate Students

Research Interests

Time-domain, stellar populations


Anastasios (Andy) Tzanidakis is a second-year Astronomy Ph.D. student at the University of Washington. Currently, he works under Dr. Eric Bellm and the Vera C. Rubin Observatory data commissioning and alert production team with a focus on time-series analysis and transients by writing and evaluating period-finding algorithms that will be implemented in the alert production of the forthcoming Vera C. Rubin Observatory. Andy also works with Dr. James Davenport on the discovery and characterization of long-deep-eclipsing stellar systems using Gaia and the Zwicky Transient Facility survey. Particularly, with a focus on collecting a statistical sample of such long-deep-eclipses as a probe to understand their formation channels.