Support the Astronomy Department Student Programs on Husky Giving Day

March 1, 2023 |

The Astronomy Department will be taking part in Husky Giving Day, an annual philanthropy event at the University of Washington! We are trying to raise funds to support research programs for our undergraduate and graduate students. Watch the video and learn why engaging early in the research in a students career can have a profound impact on their career.

Program for UW Undergraduate Students

Successfully piloted in 2022, the “Undergraduate Summer Research Prize” for UW undergrads will continue in 2023.

The program will award $3500 to UW undergraduate students working on summer research projects with faculty and staff at UW Astronomy. We are excited to continue this program – Thank you to our ongoing supporters!

Program for UW Graduate Students

Getting engaged with research early in graduate school can fundamentally change a graduate student’s career direction.

This year we are launching a new initiative called the  “Jumpstart Research Fellowship”. This program will award $3500 to incoming UW graduate students to enable them to start their research the summer before they arrive at UW – allowing students to focus on research prior to taking classes in the fall.

Such programs have been shown to accelerate and deepen students’ engagement in research, particularly for students from non-traditional pathways.