Rubin Survey Scheduling Team Workshop




9:00 AM

On July 17-21, the Rubin Survey Scheduling Team will hold a “team+”  workshop in the UW Astro department.

The scheduler team includes members from UW, Fermilab, and Rubin, and we will be joined by additional representatives from Rubin System Performance and Rubin Observatory Operations.

Our main goals for this workshop are to map out our remaining needs in terms of preparation for operations, and tackle outstanding issues with our codebase and deployment. We will have sessions focusing on understanding how to refactor our codebase to better support deployment at the summit while also analyzing survey progress with all necessary metrics, improving our code standards and better matching our development guidelines to other groups within Rubin, upgrading our documentation, as well as how best to support Rubin commissioning programs, ToO programs in operations, and general survey progress monitoring during operations.