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5:00 PM

On March 1st, 2023, DiRAC is hosting “A New Era of Discovery: Mapping the Universe with the Rubin Observatory” event at the UW Planetarium.
We’re at the brink of a new age of survey-driven discovery in astronomy.

Where before we could only study a handful of objects at a time, new detectors, algorithms, and telescopes will soon allow us – and the entire world – to monitor billions.

The flagship of this era will be the Rubin Observatory, set to open in Chile in late 2024. Rubin will continuously gather data for over 20Bn stars, 20Bn galaxies, with billions of asteroid observations. In importance, it is a ground-based peer of the Webb space telescope.
In about a year, DiRAC researchers, students, and citizen scientists will use Rubin to scan the Solar System for hazardous asteroids, discover interstellar comets, and search for new planets in our Solar System.
 Our codes will map the Milky Way, detect the most energetic explosions in the universe, and help understand Dark Energy. Our students will learn about astronomy by participating in once-in-a-generation wave of discovery.
We’re looking forward to sharing this with the community of enthusiasts, friends, and supporters who make DiRAC possible.
This event reached its capacity very quickly and is now full. If you’d like to join us for the next one please email us at and we’ll send you an early announcement.
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