Gaia Hack Day




9:00 AM

All skill levels are welcome!! Free donuts & science! Come for an hour, or the whole day!

As you may have heard, the next major data release from the Gaia mission is coming soon! Gaia DR3 will be released on Monday, June 13th. This release includes light curves for millions of stars, low-res optical spectra for hundreds of millions of stars… and much more!
Like with the past data releases, I will be organizing a “Gaia Hack Day”, which is held in conjunction with the event in New York, and invite anyone to join us! We have secured B305 for the entire day. Join us at 9AM, donuts, coffee and snacks will be provided.
If you’ve never attended a “hack day”, here’s a brief description: The goal for the day is just to learn something! You might have a super specific science project idea, a skill you’d like to gain, or maybe you just want to learn what Gaia is and how to download some data.