Karlo Mrakovčić

I earned a masters degree in Astrophysics and Elementary Particle Physics at University of Rijeka, Croatia, on the topic of unsupervised classification of LSST images using convolutional neural networks. As a graduate student I also worked on the Cherenkov Telescope Array, gamma ray telescope in La Palma, Canary Islands, observing some of the most energetic events in the universe. With some experience in machine learning, I am constantly seeking problems in astrophysics that can be solved using artificial intelligence.

Andreja Gomboc

I am a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, currently on a sabbatical visit at the University of Washington as a Fulbright Scholar. My main field of research is astrophysical transients, in particular tidal disruptions of stars by massive black holes and gamma ray bursts. I am active in science communication, editor in charge of the Slovenian Portal v vesolje,  columnist for Delo newspaper, and co-developer of the GoChile project for students.