DiRAC & Astronomy on Tap Seattle Present: ASTRONOMY AT HOME

Join us for an evening with an astronomer and participate in talks and live conversations about topics that vary from searching for the most mysterious stars in our Galaxy to the Starlink satellites changing our view to the night sky!

UW astronomers will talk about their work and latest discoveries. Astronomy at Home talks are for everyone: astronomy enthusiasts, students, and all who are curious and interested in astronomy and data science in astronomy. The talks will be 20 minutes in length with plenty of time for Q&A. All talks are streamed on YouTube and you can join for live discussion via Zoom.

Tune in on October 8 at 7:00pm! 

Streaming from DiRAC YouTube channel https://dirac.us/yt

October 8 | Keaton Bell | Sounding the Depths of Stars

The dazzling starlight that we enjoy on a dark night originates from only the very outer surfaces of stars. Locked beneath these layers, in the deep stellar interiors, are much more extreme physical environments. In this talk, I will describe how, for some especially revealing stars, we are able to sound these distant interiors by measuring how they experience vibrations. With the tools of “asteroseismology,” we can turn seemingly ordinary stars into remote cosmic laboratories for studying extreme physics that are beyond the grasp of human-made laboratories here on Earth.

Keaton Bell grew up in Kent and is now an NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Washington. He studies all the ways that white dwarf stars change in brightness and is working to discover the first planet that orbits one.

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